MPs in rage over omission of Bunyoro-Kitara history


Several MPs especially from Bunyoro Kitara and Teso regions, are very angry at the Education ministry’s omission of their ethnic group’s history from the national curriculum.

They wonder whether there is a hidden agenda.

The lawmakers raised the concern Wednesday while listening to the  statement on omission of the History of Bunyoro – Kitara from the History and Political Education Syllabus in the Curriculum issued by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

The implementation of the curriculum is now at a critical stage and we are calling upon members to support the ministry’s efforts to make it a success.

Victoria University

Hon. Isiagi Patrick Opolot [Bukedea] has asked Ministry of education to be fair and include the history of all tribes in Uganda in the new curriculum/ syllabus.

This follows a complaint raised by members from Bunyoro, Ateker, Sebei, Bugisu among others on the same.

Hon. Adeke Anna says that the decision by the ministry to omit the History of Bunyoro-Kitara from the History and Political Education Syllabus is a deliberate move to systemically erode culture.

She says that this move is intended to raise a non-political conscious population.

In March this year, a delegation from the Bachwezi clan, in Bunyoro-Kitara, paid a courtesy call to Speaker Rebecca Kadaga over the same matter.

Led by two women MPs, Thophace Kaahwa and Harriet Busingye, and the clan head, William Bintubizibu, they raised the issue of alleged distortion of Bunyoro’s history in the national education curriculum.

The role of the Bachwezi in ushering in modern administration; Ankole cattle; governance of vast areas; cotton, etc, isn’t given the attention it deserves, they said.



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