Lawyer Ssemakadde called judge ‘rotten tomato with vagina’


Police has preferred three charges against former Makerere researcher Stella Nyanzi’s lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde.

Ssemakadde who was arrested Thursday afternoon is being held for cyber harassment, offensive communication and criminal libel.

He reportedly called Justice Abodo “another rotten tomato with a vagina”.

Nyanzi said Ssemakadde was arrested after receiving the judgment about whether lawyers provide essential services during the Covid-19 lockdown.

A running Isaac was chased by a whole squad of plain clothes soldiers, Nyanzi narrated.

Victoria University

He jumped into his vehicle. A car-chase ensued in the city.

Four cars chased after him. He was violently arrested.

“Undue force was unleashed as his captors accused him of resisting arrest,” Nyanzi noted.

She said he spent the whole day undergoing gruesome interrogation at the Cyber Crimes Unit at Kibuli police station.

Isaac has defended freedom of expression and free speech.

He has given legal aid to many voiceless minorities.

He was first denied police bond but later released late in the night.



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