Besigye: I won’t donate to taskforce I don’t trust

Kizza Besigye

Opposition figure Kizza Besigye says he will not donate to the national taskforce on Covid19 because he does not trust it.

“I will not donate to things I do not trust,” Besigye said Wednesday morning while appearing on NBS television.

“We should have a legal and institutional framework everyone trusts and relates to.”

According to Besigye, Ugandans are very generous people except that they have nothing to give.

Victoria University

“What you are seeing now as giving must be questioned. A lot of it is some form of corruption, they are buying favour.”

He said President Museveni wanted to use the crisis to act on his priorities “that we know nothing about, this is not about the Ugandan crisis”.

He said the MPs snatched the UGX 10 billion because trillions had passed through their fingers and they could do nothing about it.

To Besigye, Parliament is a problem for not representing the people.

He said the MPs have become negotiators with the president.

“If they want to survive, they must stay their ground and implement policies for the people.”

He added: “If they want to implement the activity of giving out food, who will oversee them? They should create institutions that they trust.”

He believes the national task force is part of the problem because it was placed in the office of the Prime Minister but does not emanate from a legal known framework.

“It is under the office of the OPM that is highly discredited because of the grave cases of corruption. If you are irrational in a crisis, you just go deeper into it.”



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