Nakalema arrests police OC for protecting suspect

The Unit also arrested three police officers and three civilians in Wakiso district for case mismanagement

The joint team of Police and State House Anti-Corruption Unit have arrested the OC Station Wakiso district for obstruction.

The OC Station ASP Kamukama Joseph has been arrested on grounds of trying to obstruct investigations by protecting suspect Caesar Ekwang.

When the team asked the suspect to be given to them, ASP Kamukama allegedly refused insisting that he is the alpha and omega of the Station.

He indicated that he was not going to hand over Ekwang to the team.

Victoria University

ASP Kamukama allegedly pulled out his pistol and threatened to shot the officers.

The team used their skills and arrested him. He is being charged with Obstruction.

The team were following the case where it is alleged that one, Serungi Vicent, a resident of Kisimbiri village, Wakiso Town Council, Wakiso district was killed in a scuffle with Police Constable Kabosi Isaac.

Serungi was reportedly accusing Constable Kabosi for using his motorcycle without paying for it and a fight ensued.

The suspects

The Police officer with the help of civilians subdued Serungi, put him on the ground and informed Police Constable Wafula Stephen.

Constable Wafula rushed to the scene in an attempt to rescue his colleague. On reaching the scene, he shot Serungi dead.

This incident happened on 31/3/2020 in Kisimbiri.

The OC Kisimbiri Police post was informed about the incident and he downplayed it.

The investigations were not carried out in a professional way and the residents complained to State House Anti-Corruption Unit.

A joint team was set up to investigate the matter and has arrested the suspects.

The Police Officers who are in cells include OC Kisimbiri Police post ASP Mugume Patrick, PC Kabosi Isaac, and PC Wafula Stephen.

Civilian under custody are informants Lubwoma Gorge Robert, Tonny Kayenike and one Ceaser Ekwang.

They are all being charged with murder and mismanagement of a murder case.



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