Lynda Ddane leads 3 musketeers in NTV dance party

Lynda Ddane leads her team in dance fete

Lynda Ddane is a TV Presenter at NTV, Radio presenter at 97fm Radiocity, model, actress, fashionista and digital influencer.

The energetic and joyful soul Saturday night led her “three musketeers” into a hot and exhilarating “NTV Dance Party”.

The three musketeers who saved Ugandans from “the oppression of boredom caused by the COVID-19 lockdown” included Staresco [NTV Xpozed host], CrystoPanda [NTV’s multi-award winning host] and Ddane herself.

Donning black with a “SWAT” gear, she was the sensation of the night.

Victoria University

Captain VJ Baby Love embraced the night like old friends.

 Ddane led her team into “Maganda” traditional dance, rocking her fans all night long.

Last week’s overnight success DJ Mark Rebel did not disappoint last night either.



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