Covid19 taskforce asks salary donations to meet Shs170bn target


On Wednesday 8th April 2020, His Excellency the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, announced the establishment of the NATIONAL RESPONSE FUND TO

He also appointed a Committee to provide leadership to the COVID-19
Fund. The members of the Committee are: –

  1. Hon. Mary Karooro-Okurut, Minister of General Duties, OPM, Political oversight
  2. Mr. Emmanuel Katongole, CEO, Cipla Chemicals – Chairperson
  3. Mr. Robert Kabushenga, CEO, New Vision Group, Member
  4. Mr. Apollo Makubuya, Distinguished Lawyer, MMAKs Advocates, Member
  5. Mr. Francis Kamulegeya, CEO, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Member
  6. Mr. Kishor Jobanputra, CEO, Picfare Industries, Member
  7. Mr. Patrick Mweheire, Regional CEO, Standard Bank Group, Member
  8. Mr. Bwoch Gustavas, Chairman Centenary Bank, Member
  9. Bishop Joshua Lwere, Member Council of Presidents, IRCU, Member
  10. Mr. Aga Sekalala (Jr), CEO, Ugachick, Member
  11. Dr. Ian Clarke, CEO, International Hospital Kampala, Member
  12. Dr. Francis Omaswa, Former Director General of Health Services, Member
  13. Mr. Keith Muhakanizi, Permanent Secretary, Secretary to the Treasury, Member
  14. Dr. Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Member
  15. Mrs. Dorothy Kisaka – Secretary/Covid-19 Fund Administrator
  16. The mandate of the Committee is to take responsibility for mobilising resources for the fight against the pandemic, COVID -19 and enable provision of relief to vulnerable persons
  17. The total of the Donations from Uganda citizens and well-wishers to date is
    Uganda Shillings, 21 Billion donated as follows;
    a. Cash donations;
    i. 7 Billion Shillings, cash at hand
    ii. 4 Billion shillings, cash in pledges
    b. Motor vehicles; 50 Vehicles valued at 5 Billion shillings
    c. Food stuffs, Medical equipment and others; all valued at 5 Billion
  18. The Covid -19 Fund’s GOAL is to raise 170 Billion shillings to be utilized by the Ministry of Health for Test kits, Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) and other needs of the Ministry of Health and the Government of Uganda.

The Fund will also raise 10 Motor Vehicles for each district of Uganda to enable our health workers to quickly respond to any emergency. On Friday 24th April, the President flagged off the first batch of 45 Motor Vehicles which have been donated to the Ministry of Health

  1. The donations in kind including foodstuffs and other medical equipment are handed over to the National Taskforce for COVID-19, to support the National Task Force in implementing its mandate.
  2. Fellow citizens, the President has donated 1.4M, as part of his monthly salary to the Covid-19 Fund. He pledged that this deduction will be donated every month till the pandemic of Covid-19 is eliminated. This took place on 30th April and the cash donation was brought in person by the First lady and Minister of Education, Janet Kataaha Museveni to the Covid-19 Fund Committee at the Office of the Prime Minister.
  3. OUR APPEAL now is that we emulate the President’s example and contribute part of our salary as a donation to the Covid-19 Fund.
    This appeal goes out to all salary earners, civil servants, business people and those in the private sector. We call upon all citizens to participate including;
  4. Cabinet Ministers of the Government of Uganda
  5. Members of Parliament
  6. Members of the Judiciary
  7. Permanent Secretaries
  8. Undersecretaries
  9. Directors, Commissioners and all Senior Civil servants
  10. All leaders in the local Government structures
  11. We as a committee have committed to donate one million shillings per person in response to the President’s example. We call upon all Ugandans to come and contribute and participate in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. There is no contribution too small. We have received contributions in billions of shillings as well as in small cash amounts from the children.
  12. The Committee is committed to transparency and accountability. All funds will be allocated and disbursed as prioritized by the needs at the Ministry of Health and by the Government of Uganda.
  13. Let me end by thanking H. E. the President of Uganda for the trust he has placed in this committee to handle this task of collecting the donations. We commit to delivering on this mandate

Let me also thank you all citizens and well-wishers. Thank you, thank you all. We are grateful for the generosity you have spontaneously exhibited during this pandemic. Don’t stop. Let us keep giving to fight this pandemic. Let us get together and fight this pandemic

Signed Emmanuel Katongole, Chairman

Victoria University



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