Traffic cop, Kenyan truck driver isolated at Mulago


A Police Officer and a Kenyan truck Driver have been put under isolation at Mulago hospital after the two came into contact, this morning at Jinja Road in Kampala.

This followed an accident that happened at Jinja Road in Kampala involving two trucks one from Kenya registration number ZE 7462 and Ugandan truck registration number 877D.

Police was informed and a team of Traffic Officers were dispatched to the scene to investigate the incident but also to clear the road for other users.

The officers analysed the scene and did preliminary investigations.

The vehicles were to be taken to Central Police Station, Kampala pending Inspectorate of Vehicle (IOV) inspection.

Victoria University

Without observing the Ministry of Health guidelines on Covid-19, one of our Officers entered in the Kenyan truck together with the Driver and they drove to CPS Kampala.

He sat in the same truck with the Kenyan Driver.

This raised suspicion among his supervisors.

They interviewed the Driver who revealed that he was tested for COVID19 at the border while entering the country and he is awaiting the results.

The supervisors in order to protect their personnel resolved that the Traffic Officer SGT Wasagami Patrick and the Kenyan truck Driver, Ibrahim Wewa Bejja, be isolated and they were taken in an ambulance to Mulago Hospital.

“We are patiently waiting for the results from the border for Driver,” said Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango.

“As Police Force we are determined to adhere to all guidelines intended to curb the spread of Covid19 and we urge our personnel not to just sit in vehicles anyhow.”



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