Museveni to unveil new plan on lockdown

President Museveni

President Museveni has promised a comprehensive plan before 5th May regarding the coronavirus lockdown in Uganda.  

“We shall let you know what to do, before May 5th, the day when the lockdown has been slated to end, after we do a study on what is taking place in the community,” he said Tuesday night while addressing the nation.

Museveni said government is going to make Personal Protective Equipment, make the medicine, make the sanitizers and adjust in its approach towards the virus.

“I want to thank Ugandans for being cooperative for complying to the drastic methods we put up since March 18th.”

Victoria University

He said government has defeated three big crisis problems:  corona, water rise and locusts.

Defeating all this has shown that Uganda has built capacity, he noted.

Agriculture to continue

According to him, this virus is stupid in a way because it is attacking people who are concentrated forgetting that there are people who are not concentrated like farmers.

He said farmers are decentralized and agriculture is not susceptible to coronavirus.

“Some sectors like tourism were deliberately allowed to suffer and others allowed to continue including agriculture, industries, cargo, security is even better. To interfere with cargo is suicidal,” he noted.

Museveni said he disagrees with those who say Uganda’s economy will suffer saying some sectors have grown like manufacturing of sanitizers.

Poultry people are complaining that hotels and restaurants are no longer buying their eggs and meat.

He advised poultry farmers to add value to their products.

He says some cake inputs like egg york extracts are imported yet Uganda has eggs and worse, mayonnaise which can be made here is also imported.

Museveni thanked media and health workers for doing the part in the fight.

“I want to thank the media. I hear they said I don’t thank them. I want to thank them because they are doing a reasonably good job.”

“I want to thank the health workers. I am told that none of the positive cases is seriously ill. We have good health workers, I am really proud of them.”

He thanked Ugandans for fighting COVID19 ‘war’ and the security for enforcing the preventive measures.

He said village communities have been vigilant in in reporting new people who suddenly show up.

“That is how the Burundian refugee from Nakivale who later tested positive was found.”

He said there are no more cases in Uganda or people have the disease but they are not getting sick or people are dying of Coronavirus and “we think they are dying of other diseases”.

“The first thing you need to remember is that this disease is totally avoidable. You need to remember that.”



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