I don’t know why you people kiss- Museveni

She finally got her moment of 'kissing' her President Museveni

President Museveni has spoken out on domestic violence which has been worsened by the coronavirus lockdown.

“This lock down is forcing families to be together,” he said Tuesday night while addressing the nation.

“I hear there is some domestic violence. However, families are the building block of countries. Having strong families is part of building a strong country.”

He said families are the building block of strong countries and he will speak about the issue of ‘family’ sometime.

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Museveni also condemned those who show laxity in times of national crises like this one.

“For me whenever there was an Ebola outbreak, I would immediately announce no shaking hands.”

Museveni said awareness could have contributed to the low spread of coronavirus in Uganda.

He previously witnessed at an Ebola Summit in West Africa people shaking hands, kissing etc when they had been told not to do so.

“I saw people kissing…eeh, I don’t know why you people kiss,” he said.

According to Museveni, COVID19 is completely avoidable if people do not touch their soft parts as instructed.

In February 2014, Museveni said the mouth is made for eating and that kissing or oral sex “will give you worms”.

In November 2015, State House rewarded a woman photographed kissing Museveni’s poster on the mouth.



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