Museveni tells women: don’t touch or be touched by truck drivers

President Museveni

President Museveni has appealed to Ugandans to stop any hostilities towards truck drivers who are testing positive for coronavirus.

He said Uganda has developed a one policy driver to curb the imported infections.

He said the truck drivers must not stop at any place, except at designated places.

He urged Ugandan women to avoid interacting with truck drivers.

Victoria University

“I’m told some of our daughters were depending on these people. These will be empowered to fend for themselves.”

“They can come and go wherever they are going and we don’t interact with them.”

“Tokwata ku driver atte oyo driver takukwatako,” he said in Luganda [meaning don’t touch a driver or allow him to touch you].

Calls Magufuli, Kagame, Kenyatta

Museveni said he had phone conversations with the Presidents Paul Kagame, John Magufuli and Uhuru Kenyatta  who agreed on a common plan that the Ministers of Health will follow; probably two times a month.

Museveni says he has talked to Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania presidents and they have all agreed that truck drivers need to be controlled and be domestically quarantined.

The drivers can even be tested twice in one month Museveni:

“While stopping passengers from travelling caused a lot of inconvenience and loss of jobs, it was not suicidal.”

Museveni says truck drivers are the new source of infections and Ugandans are now very angry and hostile, and have forgotten to reason.

“Anger can eclipse reasoning and wisdom. For me when I go to war, I plan and calculate.”

Museveni says cargo by plane and train is easy to monitor because planes and trains are operated by a few people.

Reviving railway

He says train is the best option and government is working on reviving the old railway to start operating full again.

He said there are parts of Africa where there is no railway, citing relationship between DRC and Congo where Uganda exports commodities. 

Government is in talks with the European Union [EU] to revive the old railway and the Chinese to construct a new railway.

Until then, Ugandans should swallow their anger because stopping cargo drivers is suicidal but also unnecessary.

“How will Uganda’s coffee, cotton, food move? Museveni says from now on, Uganda will only allow one cargo driver into the country.”

“Until our ships, plane and railway are fully operational, we can’t stop truck drivers. The lorry will still be there. You can stay away from these fellows.”



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