Kenya: 124 recover, total Covid19 cases 374

Dr. Rashid Aman.

Kenyan pubs remain closed, only eateries will be reopened while following the guidelines given by ministry of Health.

“There are about 6000 food handlers in this industry we will move progressively to cover all of them without compromising the measures in place,” said Dr. Rashid Aman, Cabinet Administrative Secretary for Health, on Tuesday.

He said all measures are in place to ensure security forces are protected.

Mass testing of eateries and restaurant workers, is a necessary intervention to break the cycle to limit the possibility of transmission within such establishments.

Victoria University

“We are working out a plan to have all food handlers tested, but we calling for patience and cooperation of the management of these facilities owing to the challenge we are facing regarding some of the essential components of test kits.”

Today, Kenya discharged a total of 10 patients. This brings to 124 the total number of recoveries.

“We want assure Kenyans that COVID-19 disease is treatable. With proper management and care, patients have healed and reintegrated back to society,” Dr Rashid noted.

“In our latest Covid-19 we have 11 new cases out of the 589 samples tested in the last 24 hours.”

“Our total number of COVID-19 disease positive cases now stand at 374.”

In today’s cases, there are two children aged 3 years, and the oldest is 75.

Out the 11 cases, 7 are from Nairobi and 4 from Mombasa.

Of the 7 Nairobi cases; 4 cases are from Kawangware, one case Eastleigh, one Manji Estate and one Kaloleni.

All the 4 Mombasa cases are from Kibokoni (Old Town).

The trend of positive cases in the last few days has been restricted to Nairobi and Mombasa.

The ministry is advising residents of these areas to take extra measures to avoid contracting the virus.

“Cumulatively, the age group of 30 to 59 continue to carry the burden of this disease in our population, accounting for 224 cases (60 percent) of the 374 total cases,” Dr. Rashid explained.



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