Kadaga fell into Shs10bn trap- Museveni


President Museveni has asked the Auditor General John Muwanga to probe the Shs10bn that parliament gave itself when the country is facing a coronavirus crisis.

“It was bad planning because we had planned in a certain way and then you come and change,” Museveni said on Tuesday night while addressing the nation.

Secondly, there are also legal issues and thirdly, it is morally irreprehensible for MPs to give themselves money in a crisis, the president clarified.

 “I told the speaker that you have got yourselves into a trap. I told her now that you are already in a trap, take the money to the district task force.”

Victoria University

Museveni said the auditor general will have to come in and ask the MPs who authorised them to purchase on behalf of government.

“The ones who used the money to buy items, who authorised you to purchase for the country? You are not a purchasing officer.”

Museveni then asked Ugandans not to be so angry, saying the MPs who already used the money can refund it because they have their monthly salary.

Apparently, there are some local politicians who want to compete with the current MPs.

“But I told the Prime Minister that the MPs can be made members of the district task force. Therefore take the money [Shs20m] there.”

“It’s a terrible thing to spend the money on yourself. This is not acceptable.”

He said the legislator who took the UGX 20 million to the district task force should be forgiven.

“We should condemn those who spent the money on themselves and the one who bought the things should sort things out with the Auditor General.”



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