Rwanda has 92 recoveries of 191 Covid19 cases


By New Times

Rwanda, on Sunday, April 26, registered eight new COVID-19 cases and 4 recoveries.

This means that Rwanda has so far recorded 191 coronavirus cases, of which 92 have recovered. There are no recorded deaths.

The recent new cases of coronavirus in Rwanda are attributed to the rise in cases of cross-border track drivers and their assistants.

Victoria University

For a few weeks now, Rwanda’s borders with neighbouring countries remain closed to visitors as part of the measures to contain the virus spread.

However, cargo trucks continue to operate in order to facilitate the flow of goods between countries, but under restrictive measures.

In order to deal with the challenges, Rwanda has announced new measures to control cross-border truck drivers.

A surveillance mechanism to monitor the truck drivers was instituted.

Screening teams are stationed at the borders working for 24 hours, among other protective measures such as provision of hygiene facilities like water and soap.

According to the Ministry of Health, all patients are in stable conditions and in designated treatment centres.

The ministry also urged the public to continue observing preventive measures such as staying at home, regularly washing hands and wearing facemasks.



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