RDCs, CAOs told to deliver home-study materials


The ministry of Education has started distributing materials for learners as decreed by first lady Janet Kataaha Museveni.

According to Permanent Secretary Alex Kakooza said the home-study materials were developed through the National Curriculum Development Centre [NCDC] and Uganda National Examinations Board [UNEB].

The materials are being delivered to all districts of Uganda.

The Resident District Commissioners [RDCs] and Chief Administrative Officers [CAOs] will work with District Education Officers [DEOs] to ensure delivery of the materials.

Victoria University

“You are therefore requested to use your district administrative structures at sub-county, parish and village levels to locate the learners and establish their classes so that the relevant materials are delivered to their respective homes,” Kakooza wrote.

In her address, Janet said they have identified the basic competences / concepts to study, harmonized learning packages/materials for use in the continuity of learning while learners are at home, and prepared Guidelines for LG to ensure effective learning.

These will be delivered on Radios and Televisions and will mainly focus on P.1 to P.7 and Secondary level.

“Self-study print materials for P1 to P7 have also been developed and will be distributed to learners. The Ministry will hand the materials to the District leadership led by the RDC and CAO,” she noted.

These will distribute to the Sub-county chiefs who in turn will hand them to the Parish Chiefs.

The Parish Chiefs will use the LC1 to hand them to the homes. Proper records shall be kept at every level.



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