TV host asks Miss Uganda: how do you feel loser?


Top TV presenter Joan Lule Nakintu is currently in the spotlight for reportedly shaming and embarrassing Miss Uganda Olivia Nakakande.

This was during a live show at the start of the week where Nakintu rubbed salt in Nakakande’s wounds blaming her for failure to win the prestigious Miss World Pageant.

She asked the beauty queen how it felt like being a looser at such a big world stage.

Nakakande demanded for an apology which the host still arrogantly trashed.

Victoria University

Fans react:

Meanwhile, a letter has been sent by the fans of Miss Uganda to the Director of Top TV requiring that Nakintu apologizes for failing to exhibit basic, professional and fundamental ethical principles in journalism.

This is after she attacked Miss Uganda during a TV show and has refused to apologise, instead attacking anyone asking her to behave.

Miss Uganda Nakakande

Nakakande clicked 4th runner up and became the Miss World Magazine Cover Girl.

Fans asked Nakintu to show gratitude and stop pulling down other women.

Some even claimed “such bad manners” got her fired from Bukedde and BBS TVs.

Nakintu defends herself

” I advocate for supporting and uplifting fellow women irrespective,” she said after being attacked by fans.

“Because I was misunderstood, doesn’t mean I dont know feminine values.”

“I dont rejoice over a fellow woman’s downfall ( that’s if what you are posting is true). Yes we might be parallel but another woman’s tribulation can never be my jubilation.”

Joan Lule is so simple , soft, down to earth, very loving and understanding UNLESS PROVOKED!!! she noted.

“I didn’t say that I am more beautiful than miss Uganda and I didn’t not try to out compete with her however much am also beautiful. She was just too slow to understand my question: Ugandans why?”



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