Editors’ guild asks fair probe into Kasumba saga


The Uganda Editors’ Guild has noted with concern reports of the arrest of Samson Kasumba, a news anchor at NBS Television.

“We are also aware of comments by the police spokesperson that Mr Kasumba is being held in connection with allegations unrelated to his work as a journalist,” said Alex B. Atuhaire (for Interim Chairman
Uganda Editors’ Guild).

The Uganda Editors’ Guild calls on the Uganda Police Force to conduct a quick and transparent investigation into the matter while ensuring that Mr Kasumba has access to legal counsel, and all his other rights are respected.

“We shall remain appraised of the matter and take this opportunity to remind all Ugandans, including those in positions of authority, that #JournalismIsNotACrime.”

The achor was released Tuesday night on police bond without even charging him formally.

Victoria University

He was reportedly interrogated for seditious statements and spreadin harmful propaganda.



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