UWA rescues 5 sitatungas stuck at Karuma dam


Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has rescued the five sitatungas that were stranded at Karuma power dam.

The sitatunga or marshbuck is a swamp-dwelling antelope found throughout central Africa.

The sitatunga is confined to swampy and marshy habitats.

“Our animal capture team rescued these 5 Sitatungas that were stranded at Karuma Hydro Power Project trash intake,” UWA said on Monday.

Victoria University

The animal rescue said the antelopes were carried by floating sud.

They came with floating island from Kirinya in Nalubaale lake.

The animals are said to have broken away from the island and floated towards Karuma where they were caught up in the trash racks.

The trash racks were able to trap them so they do not cross into the turbines.

The Sudd islands previously located at Kirinya side of the lake broke into two early last week causing a nationwide power blackout.



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