Prof Barya: 452 MPs will share Shs9.4bn, who will take Shs960m balance?


Former presidential candidate Prof Venansius Baryamureeba has weighed in on the Shs10bn that MPs allocated to themselves from Covid19 money.

“Parliament of Uganda allocated itself UGX10Bn & we have heard that each MP shall get UGX20M,” Barya said on Monday.

As of 12 April 2018, composition of Parliament was 452MPs.

If this is still the total membership of Parliament, then 452MPs shall receive UGX9.04Bn.

Victoria University

“So, who will take the balance of UGX960M?” he wondered.

Barya said looking at the various arguments and responses mainly from senior lawyers in Parliament in connection with UGX10bn MPs awarded themselves, he is proposing that after COVID19, Ugandans should hold an online referendum and declare medical doctors learned friends instead of lawyers.

“At COVID19 as much as it has made us stay home, who knew we would see all this.”

He said MPs who haven’t been attending parliamentary sessions should refund the taxpayers’ money.

“I now believe in don’t throw stones at your neighbour if you leave in glass house. But which law will Speaker invoke?”

Speaking on the matter, opposition figure Kizza Besigye said it’s likely that President Museveni saw the opportunity of deflecting the mounting anger/hunger and anxiety of the locked-down population onto the naïve (and money-minded) MPs- hence allowing the Shs 10 billion.

“Goat’s ears were placed on MPs heads, so that the leopards can eat them. This happens quite often but it seems they never learn,” he noted.

The Shs 10 billion supposed to be shared by MPs is as unjustified as it’s disgusting, Besigye pointed out.

“However, it should not deflect us from the main problem- Mr Museveni’s unchecked and grossly misdirected use of our money.”

He said Shs 10 billion provided for the MPs should be put in a COVID19 PANDEMIC FUND that Parliament should set up and structure.



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