Museveni warns crooks hoarding food

President Museveni has warned some crooks who dare hoard food so as to make profits.

“I heard that some suppliers are trying to hold the food so that the prices go up,” he said on Sunday.

“I don’t like selfish people.”

The president said as a countermeasure, he will import cheap food from Mexico or wherever.

“If I get a whisper that we do not have enough food, I will import it.”

He added: “If you think you will hold food to get profits, you will end up with rotten food.”

Museveni also warned those donating bad food telling them to eat it themselves.

“Don’t give us bad food. You eat it yourself.”

He said anybody stopping farmers from going to the farm is an idiot.

“In my addresses, factories (provided the workers stay nearby) and farms remain operational.”

“Anybody who is stopping farmers from going to the garden or people who are selling Agricultural products must be an IDIOT.”

He said the issue of companies laying off workers will be discussed in the cabinet and will give feedback.

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