Stay away from truck drivers, Aceng tells women


Health minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng has appealed to people who live along main roads to desist from interacting with truck drivers.

This comes after three truck drivers tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

“I appeal to all of you who live along the roads followed by the truck drivers including the women who interact with them for different purposes to stay away from these truck drivers,” Aceng said in her Saturday address.

To-date, a total of 2,878 samples from truck drivers have been screened and tested.

Victoria University

Of these, one Ugandan truck driver tested positive, while the other two were from Kenya and Tanzania, respectively.

“Screening and testing truck drivers is ongoing across the 53 PoEs,” Aceng noted.

She said during this period of Lock down, do not accept visitors into your homes, not even neighbours, ensure adequate physical distancing with people who do not live with you every day.

“Stay at home, avoid trading centres and other business places because you do not know where your friend has been or whether he/she is safe.

A total of 1,126 samples tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19 on Saturday.

The Health ministry says 837 samples were from truck drivers at border points.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 stand at 55 in Uganda.



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