Museveni to pay for he-goat his motorcade killed

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President Museveni has revealed that his motorcade killed a citizen’s he-goat in Seeta town, Mukono district.

The president was Sunday rushing to Jinja district to inspect the floating island on Nalubale dam.

“I knocked a he-goat in Seeta on my way to Jinja,” he revealed, explaining that he could not stop for fear of people gathering.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t stop because people would have gathered so I just continued.”

Victoria University

He instructed district leaders especially the District Internal Security Officer [DISO] to get in touch with Internal Security Organisation [ISO] director Col Kaka Bagyenda.

Kaka will then contact State House Comptroller Lucy Nakyobe to compensate the owner.

“Don’t think Museveni is proud these days. I could not stop to say hello to you because we must maintain social distance.”

“When we studied this disease, we thought it was easy to prevent. That is why anyone who has flu or cough should not be near any person,” he explained.

He said the danger is in the communal spaces, because “you can be infected even though you do not touch anything”.

“That’s why when we understood this, we took drastic steps, asking people not to congregate but disperse.”



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