Museveni inspects Nalubale dam


President Museveni has Inspected the extent of damage caused by a 16-acre moving island that partly blocked Nalubaale Bridge.

The president said Sunday that the island also moved towards the dam causing a power blackout.

“I can see works on the ground to contain the movement of this island and restore normalcy” he noted.

The Minister for energy and mineral development Hon Mary Gorret Kitutu earlier hailed UPDF Engineers and UPDF Marines for their quick response to clear the floating Island that had docked at Nalubale Dam and affected power generation in the country.

Victoria University

She said that she is impressed that work which was estimated to take 07 days is almost complete within 03 days.

She further said, the bigger floating Island needs to be docked and uprooted using a ferry to prevent it from reaching the dam.

She attributed this problem to human activity that has encroached on lake shores and the increasing water levels that were last seen in 1964.

Museveni said concerted efforts from NEMA, UPDF, National Fisheries Research Institute, UNRA, MAAIF and Ministry of Works have enabled us to push the moving island from its risk location to the bay near Jinja pier.



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