Army clears Nalubale dam floating island in 3 days

UPDF Marines

The Minister for energy and mineral development Hon Mary Gorret Kitutu has hailed UPDF Engineers and UPDF Marines for their quick response to clear the floating Island that had docked at Nalubale Dam and affected power generation in the country.

She said that she is impressed that work which was estimated to take 07 days is almost complete within 03 days.

Minister Kitutu

“Am glad that this work will be completed in a short time so that we embark on clearing the bigger island floating towards the dam 7km away,” said the minister.

She further said, the bigger floating Island needs to be docked and uprooted using a ferry to prevent it from reaching the dam.

Victoria University

She attributed this problem to human activity that has encroached on lake shores and the increasing water levels that were last seen in 1964.

Present was the Permanent Secretary Ministry of energy and mineral development Mr Robert Kasande and UPDF Marines brigade Commander Brig Gen Micheal Nyarwa.



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