LDUs praised over relief food

LDUs distributing relief food

Uganda Peoples Defence Forces on food distributing mission in the Divisions of Kampala has been credited by both the leaders and locals in all the areas that have got food.

Mrs. Mariam Kasigwa the Chairperson LC11 of Kisenyi 11 Parish has said that, “I want to thank the Commander in Chief and the entire leadership for the good discipline and the humanity the UPDF has shown to the whole public.”

“Here we have been with two Colonels, Majors and a Captain commanding the forces but their relationship with us has been fantastic, for example in case of any delay in the delivery of food, they come and explain to us and we also inform our people,” she said.

Mariam added that, the Local Defence Unit (LDUs) too have done tremendous work by carrying food door to door where the vehicles can’t reach whole heartedly of which they appreciate them for。

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Mr. Sekajja Abdu, Chairman Busia zone Katanga in Wandegeya Parish Kawempe Division also thanked His Excellency the President for managing the forces, saying that the forces he has worked with in Katanga has been a pro people force.

“These soldiers work under the command of their commanders, you can tell them that “beba maragwe na wunga “loosely meaning -Carry beans and posho” and you see them carrying up to the slums where the vulnerable people are, from morning to evening,” said Mr. SSekajja.

Food is given out to the vulnerable people who were greatly affected with the lockdown in Uganda as a result of the outbreak COVID 19 Pandemic.

UPDF supports the office of the prime minister in ensuring that people get relief food while in their homes as a way of reducing the spread of the pandemic.



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