11 dead as Kenya cases reach 234


President Uhuru Kenyatta has Thursday announced that the number of deaths in Kenya has risen to 11.

About 53 patients have recovered from Covid19 and been discharged.

“Your compliance in hygiene advisories & social distancing are protecting other Kenyans,” President Kenyatta said.

 “Our testing ability has gone up. This week ministry of Health received testing reagents which, will assist in enhancing testing.”

Victoria University

Kenyatta has directed the ministry and Public Service Commission to develop welfare a package to cushion frontline health workers.

“If we did not take strong and immediate steps, the damage to our people’s lives, our economy, our country would have been far worse than the current difficulties that we are going through now.”

“Your compliance fellow Kenyans, with distancing, wearing of masks, the hygiene advisories, these small and basic actions are protecting other Kenyans, and even your own families.”

He asked Kenyans to respect the elderly, grandmothers and grandfathers because they are vulnerable to this disease.

“Let us show our care for them by doing what our medical experts are advising.”

 Of the conducted 704 tests, 9 persons have tested positive for Coronavirus bringing the total to 234 total number of positive cases.

“We have lost 11 people to this disease and nearly one thousand are still in quarantine, and 156 in isolation facilities.”

 “Coronavirus is not a respecter of age, of status, of ethnicity or race: we have even seen leaders of countries get infected and had to seek serious medical attention,” he said.

“We applaud the students at Kenyatta University for developing a prototype of an inexpensive ventilator for use in our local hospitals. Other universities & technical institutions are also making remarkable progress in the local manufacture of medical technologies & equipment in support of medical & public health needs that have arisen from COVID-19.”



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