Stella Nyanzi says was poisoned


Former Makerere researcher Dr Stella Nyanzi has suggested that she was poisoned.

Nyanzi has just been discharged from Kampala hospital after a few days of treatment.

“Finally I am out of hospital. I feel good. I feel brand new. I feel alive,” she said Wednesday.

“I feel like my kidneys, colon and other internal organs are well-oiled.”

Victoria University

Nyanzi then thanked the specialists and healthcare workers at Kampala Hospital and Mengo Hospital who treated her failing body.

“I thank them for flushing out all poisons and toxins from my body.”

She went on: ‘Haters will need alternative avenues of repoisoning me.”

Nyanzi further thanked her partner, children, family and friends for caring for her in very tangible ways.

‘I thank everyone who contributed money for the hospital bills and medications. I thank those who prayed for me and sent me healing vibes.”

She said her mended body is now bouncing back to the frontline of the struggle to “poke the leopard’s anus until Uganda is liberated from the military dictatorship”.



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