Kadaga outs her famous coronavirus sanitizer

Kadaga revealing the sanitizer on Wednesday morning

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has finally released her famous coronavirus sanitizer that put her on loggerheads with the entire country.

“People just overreacted but here is the sanitizer,” she said Wednesday morning while waving the bottle of the liquid said to kill coronavirus.

“I didn’t call it a vaccine but a spray, which kills the virus. It’s on the market.”

In March this year, Kadaga told Parliament that a spray, which instantly kills the Coronavirus, has been discovered and is to be co-produced in Uganda.

Victoria University

She said the American inventor, Prof. Safraz K. Niaz, was in the country at the weekend and donated the patent, free of charge to Uganda.

Prof. Sarfaraz, an advisor to the US Congress and government, has teamed up with a Ugandan biochemist, Mathias Magoola, to produce the product at DEI Group, in Luzira, Kampala.

“It will be the first product that instantly kills the Coronavirus.”

The announcement faced a backlash with the public accusing her of trying to make Ugandans testing samples of fake vaccines by a quack American doctor.

Kadaga hosted by renowned journalist Simon Njala Kaggwa

Support local investors

During a live interview with NBS TV this morning, Kadaga reiterated her demand for better treatment of local investors by the government.

Over the one-hour-long ‘Morning Breeze’, hosted by renowned journalist Simon Njala Kaggwa, Kadaga discussed a wide range of national issues with Covid-19 pandemic taking centre stage.

Answering a query on whether she expected the economy to be battered because of the Corona virus and mitigation measures taken by government, Kadaga said it was an obvious yes.

“However, with meticulous planning, the economy can be revived. It’s in light of this that I raised the indiscriminate handling of investors. While foreign investors are pampered, the local ones are hardly supported!”

Currently, it’s local investors that are ensuring a steady supply of sanitisers. “And I doubt if we shall ever need to import them,” she noted.

She also said there was need for a stimulus package from the government.

Commenting on the current distribution of food in Kampala & Wakiso districts, Kadaga also reiterated Parliament’s displeasure at the impromptu manner in which it was done.

“It was devoid of meticulous planning and empathy for urban poor in other towns. I also explained at length why the House has to continue sitting, amid the Covid-19 scare. It’s a constitutional obligation; tailored at ending the budget process & ensuring that taxes flow into the treasury.”



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