House sits in tent, cuts MPs to 100


Plenary resumed Tuesday afternoon to consider the tax bills.

The House may suspend Rule 129(5) to enable the House consider the committee reports immediately.

The rule states that, ‘the second reading of a bill shall not be taken earlier than the 14th day after the publication of the bill in the gazette unless this sub rule is formally suspended for the purpose’.

Parliament said plenary sittings will now take place in a tent erected in the South Wing Parking Lot where the seats will be placed further apart in accordance with the social distancing guidelines set by Government.

Victoria University

In compliance with social distancing and guidance from the Speaker, the House will this week during the consideration of the Budget have only 100 Members of Parliament at any one given time during Plenary.

The party whips, the Speaker for Independents and coordinator of the UPDF shall designate members in accordance with the numerical strength in the House provided all MPs are given an opportunity top attend all sittings.



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