Muntu wants errant Jinja RDC Sakwa punished

RDC Sakwa

“Walk The Talk Mr President,” former army commander Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu has reminded President Museveni on the case of brutal security forces.

In his last address to the nation, President Museveni instructed security forces on how to conduct arrests castigating those who beat civilians.

Muntu says Museveni was right in what he said and many were pleased to hear him apologise.

“But actions speak louder than words. In the hope that him along with those serving under him are willing to walk the talk,” he noted citing the case of a Resident District Commissioner accused of torturing a priest.

Victoria University

“We present to him the case of Pastor Andrew Muwanguzi and the manner in which he was handled by Mr. Eric Joseph Sakwa, the Jinja RDC a few days ago.”

The details are in Pastor Muwanguzi’s own account are horrifying.

“The question we pose to government is; was Sakwa the RDC acting rogue and on his own accord or was he acting under instructions?” Muntu went on.

He said hopefully, the relevant government bodies can provide a response and clarify if the president was sending serious signals to the security services to rectify their ways or he was simply posturing.

“Ugandans await your response.”

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo was not amused by the development.

“But surely you worked with Museveni for long. Did he ever give you directive to act rogue??” Opondo queried.

He added: “You remember Operation North, Mukura and the case of Lodgers where mistakes were made operational commanders on the ground. You arrested and jailed some. One even died in prison.”

Muntu responded: “Mr. Opondo, my memory is intact and I appreciate that you acknowledge that those behind the mistakes were apprehended tried and punished.”

He added: “Can Ugandans therefore expect the same in this case? Will those responsible @AndrewMuwanguzi1’s assault face the full force of the law?”



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