Chameleone faces off with URA officials over car

Chameleone at BBS TV

Leone Island singing doctor over the weekend faced off with Uganda Revenue Authority [URA] officials who demanded registration for one of his cars.

URA wants Chameleone to pay taxes for a V8 gifted to him by a South Sudan business woman Achai Wiir.

Jose Chameleone had a show on BBS TV dubbed “Easter Camuka” on Sunday.

He said everything went well expect URA’s attempts to ruin his weekend by intercepting him and even following him up to the station.

Victoria University

“Despite the URA who tried to jeopardize the mood. Besides being a Sunday- it’s a public holiday!”

“Following me to BBS questioning me about my Car tax – I have all the documents you need,” Chameleone lashed out.

“We should stop frustrating each other as we have so much in common in such a time. Let’s be comforters to one another. I will avail my car documents as soon as public holidays are over.”

The scuffle

When Chameleone stepped out of his car, an official from URA cut him off demanding documents for the car.

“We are tired of this. Today is a public holiday. Easter. Jesus has just risen today. Can you first wait for me to serve the king before I serve you?” Chameleone fumed.

“You URA people, when do you rest? Today is a weekend. I don’t have the paper. You have to follow me to my house to get the paper.”

The officials later capitulated and agreed to follow Chameleone home after the show.



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