Burundi ruling party official murdered

Burundi ruling party officials in a march

By SOS Media

Gratien Coyiremeye was killed Saturday night by unknown people.

Member of the ruling party, he was the village secretary of the same party in Gahororo, in the district of Kiremba in the province of Ngozi (north Burundi).

The incident took place around 10:00 p.m., local sources said.

Victoria University

The victim was on his way home when he was attacked. “His head was smashed with batons and he was stabbed several times”, say residents who add that the killed man cried for help, to no avail.

The cohabitation is not good between members of the CNDD-FDD and the main opposition CNL party in the locality, according to local sources.

So far, perpetrators have not been identified.

Seven suspects (all CNL members) were arrested by police. They are held in the custodies of the police station in Kiremba.

The administration urges the population to be calm.

The victim leaves behind a woman and five children.

Two corpses discovered in Buganda

Two bodies (of men) in decomposition were discovered Saturday at the second avenue in the village of Ndava in the district of Buganda, in the province of Cibitoke (northwest Burundi).

The administration, which says not to have identified the two individuals, quickly ordered their burial.

Human rights defenders based in the province are concerned about endless discoveries of corpses in the area.

It was around 9 a.m. on Saturday that the two corpses were seen.

Witnesses said the two decomposing bodies were tied up and wrapped in two mosquito nets. “It was residents who went to the fields who saw them in the first place. They quickly informed the police and the administration”, they say.

According to our sources, the two individuals were buried on the orders of local authorities.

The administrator of Buganda explained that the decision was made to avoid contamination of the surrounding population.

Human rights defenders working in Cibitoke demand an independent investigation. They say they are concerned and worried about repetitive macabre discoveries in the locality.

In less than three months, ten corpses were found in that locality.



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