Museveni equates negative tests to ‘not touching soft parts’

Museveni exercising

President Museveni has praised Ugandans for adhering to coronavirus guidelines which in turn has seen many negative tests of the virus.

Yesterday, the 10th of April, 439 people were tested for Covid-19 and all were negative.

This means they do not have the virus, Museveni explained.

He said none of them was from quarantine.

Victoria University

One group comprised people who had interacted with the infected returnees (i.e. some of the 53 who have been confirmed as positive).

In the language of the Ministry of Health these are called “Contacts”, meaning they interacted with the infected people.

“This means that although they came near the infected people, these “contacts” probably observed the safeguard measures we have been preaching like social distancing, washing hands, no touching soft spots etc.  This is good news for the country.”

The other group are people who volunteered to be tested because they had a cold or some symptoms close to those of the virus.

They are called the “Alert” group in the language of the Ministry of Health.

“The Minister of Health has also told me that 3 out of the 53 infected persons have defeated the virus and will soon be discharged from hospital,” he noted.

“The minister will give you more details. I urge you to continue observing the guidelines we have given you.”



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