Kagame, Saleh, Rwigyema made Museveni great- Muhoozi


First son Muhoozi Kainerugaba says his father President Museveni would not have achieved what he did without the efforts of three other people.

The Lieutenant General and the Senior Presidential Adviser for Special Operations (Uganda) identified the three as; Rwandan President Paul Kagame, deceased NRA war hero Fred Rwigyema and Museveni’s younger brother, Gen Salim Saleh.

“A couple of weeks ago I tweeted that General @KagutaMuseveni was the greatest General in African history, this is true but he couldn’t have achieved this without General Kagame, General Saleh and General Rwigema,” Muhoozi tweeted Friday.


He added: “These four are the greatest Generals in Africa.”

Victoria University

In his earlier tweet, he had said: “General Yoweri Museveni, the most successful revolutionary in African history. I pity those who think they can defeat him.”

On April 8, he tweeted: “Brothers/Comrades and Revolutionaries can quarrel but they should never fight. We have come from very far.”

“I wish His Excellency General Kagame and the people of Rwanda a solemn and respectful kwibuka.”



On March 23, Muhoozi attacked the state-run New Vision for carrying a positive story on Rwanda’s anti-coronavirus efforts.

“But who is in charge of this @newvisionwire? Is this a government asset or what??” he ranted.

“How dare they praise another state before our great Ugandan state? Uganda is the greatest country in Africa period!! In all things. Nobody else can compare!!!” he added.


The story was not even written by New Vision but picked from AFP, an international news agency.

Ugandans did not spare him and openly expressed their disappointment.

The first son then apologised: ”Today, a lot of my close friends in the media have been angry with me for yesterday’s tweet. First of all, I didn’t mean it as an attack on @newvisionwire.”

“If they misunderstood me, I’m sorry. But please do not provoke Patriotic Ugandans. Uganda is always No.1!!”

Kagame who trained in intelligence gathering in Tanzania in 1979 – went on to become rebel leader Yoweri Museveni’s most trusted spy.

Rwigyema was one of the 27 NRA soldiers who launched an attack on Kabamba Military Barracks, sparking off the war that was to last five years.

He was the founder of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, a political and military force formed by Rwandan Tutsi exile descendants of those forced to leave the country after the 1959 Hutu Revolution.



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