I’m addicted to Zari, says Grenade


Singer Grenade aka Omulogo says he is now addicted to South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

“Everyone has an addiction, mine happens to be her. @zarithebosslady,” posted on Instagram.

Zari responded: “Happiness babe?”

It started with a heavy explosion at Kaazi Beach Resort in Busabala when Zari denoted the fast rising musician in an epic night.

What followed was Grenade confirming their relationship on social media by expressing impatience at meeting her again.

Victoria University

“Can’t wait for Saturday,” he said on Instagram.

Zari responded in the affirmative: “Me too”.

Grenade, who now calls himself ‘Dues Ndugwa The Boss Man’ even lisped his “Mpulila Bibyo” for the Boss Lady who was overly impressed in a lovey-dovey video.

“I could be someone’s snack or whole buffet, it all depends. But at the same time you can never be a perfect woman for a man that’s not ready. It’s never about you, but them,” Zari remarked.

Grenade too announced: “Any ways, falling in love with a woman who is older than you is no offense and it is acceptable most especially if you love or when you love each other to the fullest. In fact, it is very okay. At the moment though I’m single and Zari is my good friend.”

Zari, infamous for dating men younger than her, has Grenade now wrapped around her finger.

“I don’t want you say no to me because love really pains. Let me reach by myself, I’ll not send anyone. Loving nobody but you my Zari, I also have blood I am not a metal. I wish we could go far, girl you are good but I wish we could go far,” the boy confessed.

Real name Deus Ndugwa, Grenade was born on July 14, 1997 in Lyantode.

He went to Kitebi Primary School and later Makindye Secondary School.

He did his first song in 2014, Walayi, featuring Kevin Killer and later followed it with Wagwan.

His new catch Zari was reportedly born way back in 1978, according to reports.



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