UPDF, police officers who peeled women buttocks with canes named it


The Anti-Corruption Unit of State House arrested soldiers and policemen for beating women to the point of peeling the skin off their buttocks.

UDPF soldiers were commanded by Major Charles Lwanga during the April 2 night of terror.

The soldiers are:

  1. Lancecoporal Awinyi Abori Constantine
  2. Private Makanga Mohammad
  3. Private Eboko John Mark
  4. Private Mutenga Robert
  5. Private Ayo Sylvester
  6. Private Ahimbisibwe Eriya.

According to Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema, the following police officers were involved.

  1. They were commanded by ASP Balenzi Richard
  2. Sergeant Musasizi charles
  3. Cpl Odong Jacob
  4. PC, Opado Moses
  5. PC Opio Augustine
  6. PC, Okello Bosco
  7. PC Okello Jimmy
  8. PC, Sentamu Richard
  9. PC, Byamukama C
  10. PC Funga Nelson
  11. PC, Businge R.

The gruesome incidents were reported in Elegu, Amuru and Apac districts.

Victoria University

Some were picked from a lodges and others from homes before being subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment by the officers.

They were beaten, and forced to roll in the mud naked.

Some were allegedly asked to rub the mud in their private parts as the officers laughed at them.

In Akokoro, Apac District, the women were flogged to the point of peeling the skin off their buttocks.



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