Journalists queue, scramble for tycoon Ham’s money

Kiggundu distributing money to journalists

By URN/The Independent  

Ugandan journalism is facing an increasing threat as practitioners continue to display unethical behaviour demanding for cash hand-outs from sources especially after covering events.

Such behaviour hit a new low when journalists were seen scrambling to get a share of payments by businessman Ham Kiggundu after a meeting with the Office of the Prime Minister on Saturday.

They lined up in queues, all desperate to get a share of the money.

Victoria University

Although each of them was given 50,000 Shillings, many were seen re-joining the queue, only to be embarrassed by the businessman.

The journalists  were covering the launch of the distribution of relief food to be given to 1.5 million Ugandans affected by the COVID-19 lockdown in Wakiso and Kampala.

At the function, businessman Hamis Kiggundu donated 100 million shillings towards the fight against Coronavirus (COVID -19).

All was well until Kiggundu brought out a bundle of 50,000 Shilling notes,  and publicly started distributing it to the more than 30 Journalists and each scrambled to have their share.

The line was soon joined by passers-by who saw an opportunity for free cash.

However, these were thrown out as Kiggundu said the money was a payment for Journalists only.

It is unethical for journalists to receive monetary and non-monetary inducements for news stories, yet this also remains the biggest threat to journalism today.

Moses Bayola, the General Secretary of Uganda journalists Association (UJA) condemned the unethical display by journalists adding that poor pay cannot be used as an excuse to ashame the profession.

Some of the journalists who received the money have since contacted URN saying the story on the incidence should be left to die.

Journalists Associations have also requests to be excused out of the story since they will be perceived in a bad way by colleagues who are apparently underpaid.



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