Don’t pressure me on corona, says UVRI boss

Prof Kaleebu

Uganda Virus Research Institute [UVRI] Director Prof Pontiano Kaleebu has warned those pressuring him over COVID19 test results to cut the pressure.

Speaking Thursday, Kaleebu said the institute has the required skills to test for COVID-19.

“No need to worry,” Prof Pontiano said, adding that UVRI is not so far overwhelmed but “if epidemic expands we need to scale up”.

“We have put in measures including considering use of other facilities,” he explained.

Victoria University

“We are taking on blood samples to evaluate the blood sample kits as we continue to include other testing options or the COVID-19.”

He said the results of tests for COVID-19 are got between 4 to 6 hours and released in the evening, “because we receive samples, take records then start the testing process.”

“To those demanding immediate results of COVID 19 tests, desist from putting pressure on UVRI… testing samples is a process and has to be done well for quality results.”



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