Coronavirus scares Sheebah into getting pregnant

Sheebah and her mother

It was President Museveni who started it when he said coronavirus should not be underestimated for it had cured Dr Ekwaro Obuku’s nonsense.

The scare and fear that it has instilled in humanity has even reached Ugandan diva Sheebah Karungi’s ovaries and awakened them to bake a baby.

In March, the singer told BBC Africa that she wasn’t interested in marriage or bearing children at the moment.

“I have trust issues. I don’t know how to date. It will take time for me to become a normal woman,” she said.

Victoria University

She added: “The marriage or kids, I think that will come later.”

Now Karungi says she is ready to get pregnant and give birth after this crisis.

“I Love You Mukyala Kabazungu EdithHeart exclamation May God continue keeping you safe & sound. This timing got me thinking about giving you my share of grandkids,” she told her mother.

“Face with tears of joy. Seriously. Naye katulinde Quarantine egwe tulabe.”



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