Chameleone starts online degree, speaks on dying music industry


“This is a trying time,” says Leone Island singing doctor Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone.

Speaking to NTV at his Seguku home on Friday, Chameleone said coronavirus has not only affected the music industry but every other industry.

“Even within the music industry, there are those other sectors that benefit from our content and shows and all of them are not making money,” he said.

“This period has really given us a lot of time. We, music artistes, are now making new music because of the time that we have right now. In fact, I am studying online for a degree in international diplomacy.”

Victoria University

Chameleone said the government should give the nation updates on the COVID-19 patients.

“How are they doing? Are they getting better? It is important for us to know some of these details.”

He asked all Ugandans to abide by the rules issued to fight the pandemic.

“I believe that we should abide by the rules. I appreciate the politicians who have been trying to help people in this COVID-19 period.”

He added: “But we need to follow the rules because our efforts create crowds which can spread Coronavirus easily.”

According to Chameleone, the music industry started losing it back in 2005 after some greedy people and amateurs joined it.

“I, however, do not regret being in this business. It is still growing and getting better.”



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