Rwanda: 2 shot dead as Covid19 cases rise to 40

Rwanda police

Two people were Wednesday shot and killed in Rwanda in what reports claimed was a defiance of the coronavirus lockdown directives.  

Rwanda National Police spokesman John Bosco Kabera said the two are residents of Nyanza District.

Kabera explained that reports saying they were shot dead due to corona virus lockdown enforcement “are not true despite the improper and unprofessional conduct of journalists who claim to have quoted the police”.

He said preliminary investigations show that deceased attacked and wrestled to the ground a police officer who was on routine patrol.

Victoria University

“This prompted his colleague to fire at the attackers in self-defence.”

“A thorough investigation is being carried out,” Kabera noted.

He said in the meantime, people should not confuse the measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 with this unfortunate incident.

Rwanda began a two-week lockdown on March 22, restricting travel between towns and cities and asking people to stay indoors.

Its measures are among the most stringent in Africa.

The East African nation has 40 confirmed Covid-19 cases.



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