Lukwago: lockdown will mess up shambolic economy

Lukwago with city dwellers

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago retired to bed on Wednesday night with a heavy heart, pondering about “the imbroglio we’re entangled in”.

“A country at crossroads, faced with an unprecedented social-economic crisis of our time. Just imagine a lockdown stretching to mass transport sector, informal business, markets etc, without any scintilla of mitigating economic or social security interventions!!!”

He said that kind of shutdown is a 21st Century measure tailored for developed countries but not our shambolic economy which is still steeped in the 19th century systems.


Victoria University

Earlier, the Kampala Capital City Executive Board together with the technical team convened a meeting to receive, examine and consider the progress report on the Institutional response to COVID-19 pandemic.

A number of strategic measures were lined up in the action plan in line with the standard practices as highlighted by the Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation.

They inter-alia included the establishment of THE RAPID RESPONSE TEAM, consisting of medical experts to handle the increasing number of suspected victims within areas of jurisdiction.

Lord Mayor Lukwago

The leadership of the different units under the said team is as follows;

1. Lubaga Division……Dr. Mulungi 0794661209, 2. Nakawa Division…..Dr. Oundo 0794 661202, 3. Makindye Division…..Dr. Nyende 0794660963, 4. Kawempe Dr. Grace… …0794661104, 5. Central division……Dr. Walyomo.0794661128, 6. Ambulance…….Dr. Doreen. 0794609322, 7. Incident Commander……Dr. Chebrot…0794661204, 8. Dr. Sarah Zalwango….0794661105 and 9. Director Public Health…Dr. Okello 0794661091.

Other measures shall be communicated in due course and we shall have engagements with different stakeholders on a daily basis.

“We should join hands in the fight against this horrible pandemic,” Lukwago said.

On March 24, the lord mayor said the global trend points to total lockdown as the most viable tool to combat this deadly scourge of COVID-19.

“I’m afraid the said drastic measure may be inevitably applied here in days to come, God forbid! It’s therefore imperative that we all focus our attention to the level of preparedness for the worst case scenario.”

He said it was about time the Chief Executive of our motherland scaled down on these clumsily arranged press conferences.

The situation is dire and calls for more gravitas on the part of the head of state, Lukwago noted.

“Any reasonable Ugandan should be appalled by the proposal to substitute the existing mass transport with bicycles; spying on the unscrupulous business men, call them “crooks”, who’re hiking prices for foodstuffs and sanitizers or bringing the NRM cadres to mitigate and avert the crisis in the food sector etc.”

He said the critical issue to be considered by cabinet, Parliament, local leaders and everyone else is the question of sustainably keeping the 40 million Ugandans in their respective homes, in a country that barely survives on daily incomes and with no sound social security systems.



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