Isolation, salary cuts: Dr Kazibwe says people will go crazy

Dr Specioza Kazibwe

Former Ugandan vice president Dr Specioza Wandira Kazibwe has spoken out on Kenya president Uhuru Kenyatta’s salary cuts as a measure to raise funds to fight the virus.

Addressing the nation Wednesday, Kenyatta announced a curfew that starts Friday, 27th March as a way of flattening the COVID19 curve.

For the last week, many Kenyans have been working from home.

To relieve Kenyan taxpayers from adverse effects of COVID19, Kenyatta announced a reduction on; Pay As You Earn Tax (P.A.Y.E) to 25% from 30% Income Tax/Corporation Tax to 25% from 30%.

Victoria University

The President and his Deputy to take 80% pay cut on their salaries, 30% cut for Cabinet Secretaries and Chief Administrative Secretaries and 20% cut for Principal Secretaries.

Appearing on NBS television Thursday morning, Dr Kazibwe said salary cuts are nothing if people around leaders continue to spend public funds.

“At my age, I vowed to tell the truth because of my experience. Health is a very political issue, a president reducing his salary by 80% is nothing compared to what is spent around him,” Dr Kazibwe said.

“What is the structure of the Kenyan economy? She wondered.

According to her, the people who are going to suffer are not the ones who get profits off their businesses. It is the casual labourers.

“We should be transparent in the way we are using public resources to fight this pandemic. We must ensure to build the capacity to test all those suspected to have COVID19. We should include traditional medical providers in this fight.”

Isolation will drive people crazy

On the social aspect, she cited the need for physical distancing and social solidarity.

“When you go home, ensure to divert your attention from the anxiety. Do physical exercise.”

She said now that people are self-isolated, they will go crazy.

“We need to send a message via our messaging apps to talk to Ugandans because we have too many people saying many things.”

She added: “At the end of the day, you are what you eat. If you eat right, your immune system will be able to fight better against the COVID19.”



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