104 COVID-19 suspects test negative amid lockdown

President Museveni

Dr. Diana Atwine, the Permanent Secretary ministry of Health, says 104 suspected cases of coronavirus all tested negative.

“What a great relief that of all 104 tested people today none is positive .I am sleeping soundly,” Atwine tweeted.

She added: “May God give us sleep to compensate for all sleepless nights we have spent for 6 days.”

Health minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng welcomed the “Good news”.

Victoria University

“All 104 samples tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19. God is good.  Together, we can overcome this battle. Please adhere to guidelines and preventive measures.”

The ministry said COVID-19 is a respiratory virus spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose.

Dr Atwine explained that Corona virus does not move. It is moved by people.

“So let each individual build a wall around themselves to avoid exposure and movement of the virus from one person to another. Your safety in this war starts with you.”

Dr Diana Atwine


Government Wednesday suspended public transport for 14 days.

This directive affects taxis, coasters, minibuses, buses, all passenger trains, tukutukus (tricycles) and bodabodas carrying passengers.

The rationale is to minimise movement and contact among people.

Only private vehicles are allowed to operate and these should not have more than three passengers, including the driver, at any single time.

Other vehicles that are not affected by this suspension are the trucks (lorries) delivering cargo, delivery vans, and pick-ups delivering essential commodities and food.

Hospital ambulances, vehicles belonging to the security forces and some key government institutions doing essential work, plus those offering sanitary services are also exempt of this suspension.

Most markets have improved their sanitation but cannot enforce social distancing in markets hence those that don’t sell foodstuffs were suspended.

Addressing the nation Wednesday, President Museveni said once there are reports of a suspected case, availability of transport should not be an issue.

“The government will also make fuel available for these operations,” he noted.

Only the police and army cars are exempt from this mandatory pool arrangement.

“What we are dealing with are not new things. They have been there in the past and were handled. This too will be handled,” Museveni noted.



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