Nssf says NO to Besigye’s Covid19 plan

NSSF – Workers House

The National Social Security Fund [NSSF] has thrown in the dustbin a measure suggested by opposition figure Kizza Besigye amid coronavirus crisis.

“It is surprising that NSSF hasn’t, as yet, rolled out a program to paying out a portion of members’ savings to afford them vital support through the COVID19 crisis,” Besigye said on Tuesday.

“Isn’t this what “Social Security”, a safety net, is about? This is a world crisis of unprecedented proportions!”

According to Besigye, this is the time to draw on National Reserves in Bank of Uganda and savings in NSSF and other places to save of people and businesses.

Victoria University

In response, NSSF thanked Besigye for the suggestion.

“We empathise with Fund members in the face of the uncertainties. It is however critical to note that NSSF has no legal basis upon which to make ad hoc payments as being suggested,” the fund said.

It added: “Can NSSF provide partial payouts due to uncertainties caused by COVID-19 pandemic? No, because the Fund has no legal basis to provide such ad hoc payments.”



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