Museveni bans non-foodstuff markets, guides on offices

President Museveni

President Museveni has banned markets selling non-foodstuffs saying this will create more space and enable social distancing.

“Once we deal with public transport, then other measures will deal with the markets,” he said Wednesday night while addressing the nation.

“I have heard some people have tried to do everything possible to keep hygiene. However, how do you maintain 4 metres when there are so many people.”

He said, however, for now, the markets should only be for selling foodstuffs like matooke, nuts, rice, fish, etc.

Victoria University

Therefore, trading in the market other non-food items like clothes, mobile phones, necklaces, shoes, etc has been suspended to create space.

“For now, markets should be only for food, do not bring your necklaces, shoes, sandals, hold on you will come back. Stay home and let only the food people stay in the market, so as to maintain enough social distance,” he emphasised.

Public offices

He said the other area of human concentration are the offices. Now, each ministry should work out plans of remaining with essential staff to remain on duty.

He said Uganda Revenue Authority [URA] is needed to clear goods that come into the country.

Therefore each department should work out the essential staff needed on duty.

Even in the district; officials can identify boda bodas that can deliver cargo in other places.

“This crisis will teach us how to do business without involving too much human involvement like using shared transport,” he said.

In Kampala, companies will be identified to help in the delivery business. I hope there won’t be bribery especially in getting contracts to deliver goods.

 “I hope there will be no corruption and bribery. I wouldn’t want to know why there would be any limit. The point is that move around but move goods not people,” he clarified.

Museveni says all COVID19 patients are in stable condition except one who has his temperature going up and down.

He says government is not going to wait until more people get infected to take additional measures.



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