Museveni suggests bicycles, weighs public transport ban

President Museveni riding a bike

President Museveni says he is reconsidering whether the bicycle factory in Namanve can be revived ahead of a ban on public transport.

If the virus persists, he says, he will ban public transport and ensure people use bicycles for in-city movement. 

Museveni says if Uganda had bicycles, he would have suspended Public transport immediately.

“Let’s wait and monitor more. You remember the other measures we put in place, we were wise that they somehow worked.”

Victoria University

He added: “But I’m still monitoring to see how this goes and if it becomes a problem then I will suspend the public transport.”

Museveni said the people who try to escape and hide are endangering themselves unnecessarily, this disease can be treated.

“Like I told you in the first broadcast, it is not as fatal as Ebola. I’m happy that we’re fighting this disease instead of hearing from others. The first victim’s temperature has come down and his appetite is coming back. His red eyes are clearing too. I spoke directly to the doctor attending to him.”



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