Museveni says first Covid-19 patient family tested negative

    President Museveni

    President Museveni has addressed the nation on more measures for fighting against coronavirus in the wake of a recorded case.

    He said the 36-year-old gentleman who tested positive was not sneezing or coughing, he only had a fever.

    The lad who hails from Kibuli, Kampala is currently admitted at Entebbe Grade B hospital.

    Museveni says health officials have traced the family members of Uganda’s first coronavirus patient, and they have all tested negative so far.

    Victoria University

    He says it likely that he picked COVID19 from Dubai where he travelled for a business trip.

    He was detected by his above normal temperature of 38.7

    The Ministry of Health checked his family, it seems none is complaining of sickness.

    “There is a strong likelihood that he picked the virus from Dubai,” Museveni explained.

    Museveni credits the health officials at Entebbe airport for detecting Uganda’s first coronavirus case despite not exhibiting any signs of cough or sneezing.

    He said the problem was that some of these people were not cooperative as some escaped and were giving a hard time to our health people.

    “In the earlier measures, we had left a short window for Ugandans coming back from category one countries to be quarantined. Ugandans outside cannot come back in the middle of the fight. The only people who can come in are drivers and turn-boys of vehicles carrying cargo.”

    He added: “They, however, should not be more than three because that is a manageable number. Given the complication trying to control people from heavily affected countries, we decided that we stop all passengers coming into or out of Uganda. We should save the base.”



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