Cartoonist Spire enjoys his taxes in Covid19 quarantine

Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

Cartoonist and columnist Jimmy Spire Ssentongo says he is now feeling and breathing his taxes as government cares for him in a coronavirus quarantine.

He has been battling odds and insensitive social media critics for speaking out against a money-making venture disguised as quarantine at Central Inn hotel in Entebbe.

Here is his message:

At last, our group (not sure of others) is safely quarantined in Ntinda at government’s cost. The staff seem to be well trained on quarantine basics. Thanks, government, for realising your mistake and being ready to correct it. Thanks everyone for the part you played in sounding out our plight. I hope other quarantined groups are safe too, and that no danger is posed to the outside. Some of you had promised to send us money to help with our bills. Apart from what we’ve paid at Central Inn, now even those without money will not need it here for the basics. We appreciate, but you don’t have to send the money anymore. I can now find time and moods t

Victoria University

Jimmy Spire Ssentongo 13 mins

It is real quarantine now. So much for the diary while here, and perhaps a book. Having been away from home for nearly six months, of course you miss a lot that you were eagerly coming back to at home. But you must appreciate why you have to stay away longer.

To minimise contact, we have to spend all time indoors and on room balconies, where there is. I would feel much better at my home, but I’m no stranger to this loner kind of life and do not find it that much stressful. Food is served in the room. And here is where it gets humorous in crisis: my government serves me breakfast, lunch, and dinner in my room. There is a health officer at the veranda ready to serve us. When you walk out of your room, your government politely asks you: ‘how can we help you sir?’ When they hear you cough incessantly, they ask if all is well. You get to wish it was forever! I feel and breath my taxes. Who would have a problem with a caring government?

And somewhere on Facebook, while the world is grappling with how to address this global threat, a lawyer of ‘prophet Mbonye’ is threatening a fellow cartoonist. He tells him: “Atukwasize Chris Ogon I told your “friend” Spire that he would suffer. Ask where he is now. Mixed with Covid-19 patients now.”

He had earlier threatened me for having drawn the ‘prophet’ in a cartoon. Now my being quarantined with ‘Covid-19 patients’ is another prophecy come true! Maybe if I contract the virus he will slaughter a rhinoceros and feast in God’s name. God’s name has suffered! And in these hard offertory times tantrums might go higher.



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