Coronavirus: 40 Chinese sneak into Uganda

Mama [in maroon blouse] who smuggled them in (All photos by New Vision)

About 40 Chinese nationals were smuggled into Uganda on Thursday night to avoid the quarantine centres, reports New Vision.

The state-run newspaper said the lady who smuggled them only known as “Mama”, another a Chinese national, has been arrested and is under police custody.

According to the report, the Ministry of Health found these Chinese at Tirupati Apartments in Naguru, Kampala.

They were tested for COVID19 but the results have not yet been released.

Victoria University

Mama, the smuggler is seen wearing a maroon top around the Apartments, while shepherding them into their rooms.

Chinese embassy speaks

The Chinese embassy said the place where they were found was a certified isolation centre.

“Embassy wishes to state that the Red Sun Inn in Naguru has been a certified institutional quarantine centre for COVID19 by the Ministry of Health since March 18,” it tweeted.

The statement sent to New Vision said total of 14 Chinese nationals, after regular immigration and scanning process, were put under institutional quarantine in the Red Sun Inn, from March 18, with the approval from the Ministry of Health and with Ugandan police stationed there to affect the quarantine.

“Ugandan Authorities, including the Ministry of Health and Uganda Police, doublechecked with the situation of these 14 Chinese nationals on Friday and were pleased to leave them that way,” the message reads.

“It is important to note that there are three categories of guests currently in Red Sun Inn, apart from the 14, there are regular long-time guests, and those on self-quarantines.”

According to the embassy, all relevant Chinese citizens have gone through regular immigration and scanning processed before entering into Uganda via Entebbe International Airport.

“The Embassy, in accordance with the address by H.E. President Museveni  to the nation on the CoronaVirus, will NOT issue any visas between 19 March to 20 April, 2020, though applicants can still apply for a visa but only get passports back after 20 March or even later,” it added.



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