Susan Magara death: court issues arrest warrant for Pato


Buganda Road Chief Magistrates Court has issued an arrest warrant for businessman Patrick Agaba Kasaija aka Pato over the murder of Susan Magara.

Grade One Magistrate Asuman Muhumuza on Monday ordered Pato re-arrested upon the request of the State Attorney, Patricia Cingtho.

Interpol, CID and Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had written letters allowing Pato to travel out of the country if he is granted permission by the High Court.

On March 9, the deputy Director of CID, Elly Womanya, asked the Director of Interpol to initiate the process of applying to Interpol Secretariat to recall the relevant Red Notice to facilitate Pato’s travel out of the country.

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Womanya said he sought guidance from the office of the DPP who advised that the subject be allowed what pursuant to the permission granted by the High Court.

“In this respect, he ceased to be a wanted person after his arrest and extradition to Uganda on May 15, 2019,” Womanya wrote in a letter quoted by Daily Monitor.

In response, Alison Agaba, for the Director of Interpol, on March 10 wrote that Uganda removed Pato from the system and he was at liberty to transact his normal business unless he was held on other charges.

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“This is to certify that the bearer of this letter was one time populated and published on Red Notice for various offences of which he has since been cleared,” the letter reads in part.

On March 5, the DPP wrote to the director of CID to obey a court order to allow Pato travel within the period stipulated in the order.

“It is contended that the High Court granted their client (Kasaija) permission to travel out of the country but in apparent disregard of this order, he was denied exit out of Entebbe Airport by police,” reads the letter signed by Elem-Ogwal on behalf of the DPP.

Pato was arrested in South Africa last year over the kidnap and murder of Magara in February 2018.

He was charged with kidnap with intent to procure a ransom and later released on bail.

The DPP deputy publicist, Irene Nakimbugwe, told Daily Monitor Pato had been cleared of the alleged offences.

Credit: Daily Monitor



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